Nov 09,2020

Popular Poet Musty” Dishes New Hot Meal.

*Heart of the Earth.

The earth on its surface
Slide so spherical,
Cometh in a snippet darkest night
And flow over to embrace the light of the day.

On it dwelt every human and fox
So rapidly,substances wrapped up in growth
Like the plums and plants
Huddled for warmth.

The sun,moon and stars wheel by in space
Where the bracken burn
The heat wreath in flame
And the wind sings,

Just like an unstoppable momentum, it rotate and never stop,
And here comes when revolution is necessary for human evolution,

Visiting the four cardinal point in a lunar motion
Moving slowly to entrap  smiles of the Dawn.

So lies in the wave of revolution, non stop and never stop the world's revolution

Behold, like a heavenly Hello!
The earth is your Halo.


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