Aug 01,2019

You Reap What You Sow, A True Life Story Of Kellyfresh Encounter

We were recording an interview with Emmanuel Ifanyichukwu Onukogu aka Kellyfresh which would be aired shortly on all Afrobizgermany online platforms, when he later after the interview told this amazing true life story and we couldn't resist blogging it, Kellyfresh is also a musicia below is the story and music video:

Story as written by Kellyfresh himself:

5 years ago, i was driving from stuttgart to Amsterdarm,as I entered a gas station to fill my tank, i saw this stranded guy who pleaded if i could drop him out in Oberhausen that someone stole all his belongings money and stuffs.I felt really pity for him seeing a clean guy like that in that ugly situation at that late hour.I didn't really bother to ask him for his contacts or trying to know much about him .After dropping him off, he only gave me his email address to contact him but i didn't bother to probably bcos he wasn't a millionaire ðŸ™ˆðŸ™ˆðŸ™ˆ

Now comes the intresting part of my story. Yesterday, I was at Stuttgart Airport destination to Berlin.immediately I entered the flight guess who is the pilot? the guy I helped 5years ago.The joy and love we both shared that moment kept the whole cabine crew and passengers asking what's going on.He invited me to the cockpit to take a picture.First the assistance pilot say no not until he narrated to them how we got to know each other. Sitting with him there; was like my dreams coming true🙏🏽I really wanted to take a pic wit him but he insisted that he doesn't like taking pictures on Duty thoo.He only handed me his card to reach him any day any time.🙏🏽

Lesson of the day: Be nice to everybody and stop looking down on people our tomorrow is unknown.That person you are looking down on today might be the person you will look upto tomorrow.We meet people two times in life.

God bless you all.aka Kellyfresh. Happy new month fam🙏🏽



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